Post Operative Care


On discharge you will be wearing a brace for six weeks. Weight bearing should be with crutches, allowing only partial weight through your operated leg.

Please make an appointment to see Dr Wood to have your wound checked 10-14 days after surgery on a Monday morning at The Mater Clinic, Mater Hospital. Dr Wood uses absorbable sutures in most cases. This is your first post operative visit with Dr Wood, and physiotherapy of the knee may commence at this stage.

The next post operative appointment is six weeks after surgery, at which time an x-ray will be required to assess the healing of the osteotomy. The brace will be removed and weight bearing can be increased as tolerated.

Return to work is highly variable and dependent on your occupation.


  • Contact Dr Wood or your local doctor if you notice increased calf pain or swelling. Blood clots are uncommon but can occur following surgery.
  • Contact Dr Wood or your local doctor if the pain does not subside, if you have a temperature, or if you find that you are sweating at night.