Post Operative Care


Diagnosis Right Left
Anterior compartment
Lateral compartment
Deep posterior compartment
Superior posterior compartment


Following discharge from hospital please see Dr Wood for your first post operative appointment to have your sutures checked 10 to 12 days after surgery on a Monday morning at the Mater Clinic, 3 Gillies St, Wollstonecraft.
Dr Wood uses absorbable / dissolving sutures in most cases.

On the day after surgery remove all bandages from your legs, leaving the plastic dressings. Apply elastic bandages from below knees to ankles.

The hospital will discharge you with pain relief medication which you may require for
48 to 72 hours. Contact your local doctor for further pain management if pain continues and is not relieved by elevation, rest, ice and Panadol.

After surgery you will require crutches to mobilise.


  • Contact Dr Wood or your local doctor if you notice increased calf pain. Blood clots are uncommon but can occur following surgery.
  • Contact Dr Wood or your local doctor if the pain in your legs does not subside, if you have a temperature or if you find that you are sweating at night.
  • Expect some swelling of feet in the few days following surgery.

High elevation of your legs is critical for good wound healing.

Physiotherapy – Dr Wood will advise at the time of your first post operative appointment when you can commence physiotherapy.